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2015 Contest Winners

congratulations to our 2015 literary and nancy pearl contest winners


Literary Contest Winners
Nancy Pearl Winners


  1st Place:

"Saving Jude" by Diane Geurts

  2nd Place:

"Trail Faith" by Marie McMillan

Middle Grade:


  1st Place:

"Breathe to Both Sides" by Sharon Mentyka

  2nd Place:

"All Souls Realty" by Jennifer Kam




 "I Love You More" by Jennifer Murphy






  1st Place:

"A Tree of Pearls"  by Tiffany Vora

  2nd Place:

"A Far Different Path" by Michael Stone



   1st Place:

"Magna Carta: Up Close and Personal" by Merv Montacute

  2nd Place:

"Glowing Houses: A Memoir" by Ruth Stender


  "My Sister's Grave" by Robert Dugoni

Romance/Women's Fiction:

  1st Place:

"Don't Call Me Cupcake" by Tara Sheets

  2nd Place:

"Burn Barrel" by Teri Towne



1st Place:

"New Year's Eve, The Persistance of Yellow, Valentines" by Carol Despeaux

  2nd Place:

"Ukiyo-e, Glen After Dark, Art Appreciation" by Ace Baker



"American Goulash"
by  Stephanie Yuhas



  1st Place:

"Absolute Trust" by Donna Gough

  2nd Place:

"Target Practice" by Michael Munro



Short Story:

  1st Place:

"What the Sun Remembers" by Erik Josephson

  2nd Place:

"Story Knife" by Debra Carlson



1st Place:

"Capricorn Rising" by Dan Baldwin

  2nd Place:

"Past Mistakes" by Anne Belen




1st Place:

"Ella's Umbrella" by Courtney Shannon Strand

  2nd Place:

"Ned and Ted" by Alan Shue



Young Adult:

  1st Place:

"Chrysanthemum Girl" by Frances Snyder

  2nd Place:

"Shards" by Donna Matney

Adult Short Topics:

1st Place:

"Variations on An Old Theme" by Charis Himeda

  2nd Place:

"Pieces of Sunlight" by Tara Sheets


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