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2020 Contest Finalists

Congratulations to our 2020 Literary and Nancy Pearl contest finalists!
(Contest Finalists are in alphabetical order. The number of finalists in each category can vary a bit based on tie scores.)

Literary Contest Finalists   Nancy Pearl Finalists 


Neal Ghosh A Wilted Rosebud
Larkin Edwin Greer Walking on Thunder
Teri Howatt Breathing Room
Karen Hugg The Dark Petals of Provence
Nancy Jones Shades of Gold
Maggie Levine Paper Guns
Lauren Strach Home Spun
Wendy Yim The Butcher's Apprentice

Middle Grade:

Andrew Barker A Stranger in the Family
Nathan Eddings The Extraordinary Adventures of Spencer Lee
Barbara Gold Izzy and the Moonlight Bandit
Hall Jameson Postcards from Phineas
Jennifer Voigt Kaplan Sleep Leap
Susan McCormick The Antidote
Susan Niemann The Map Chaser
Tammy Powell A Wondercat's Adventure: The Great Baby Heist

Best Book: Literary or /Mainstream
Hidden Pictures – Johanna Flynn

LPGA Minus One – Lee Jorgenson

Everything You Are Kerry Anne King


Theodore Bull Southern Transit
John Corry The Storytellers Reputation
Barbara Freeman Rachel Alexander- Hamilton's Mother
Dennis Fowler The Turn a Biographical Novel
Carrie Kwiatkowski Revolution
Maren Halvorsen The Bailiffs Wife
Linda B. Myers The Cost of Gold
Denise Riesau-Moreno Like Ashes in the Wind


Shane Elizabeth 7 Orgasms and a Thank You Note
Bruce Luyendyk Finding Zealandia
Cheryl McNeil In the Time of Rape
Joni Sensel Feeling Fate: A Memoir of Love, Intuition, and Spirit
Bill Thorness Walking to Rome
Maria Timm Corrected
Daniel J. Waters Breathe for Me

Best Book: Genre:

Pavel's War - Peter Curtis

The Freedom Chaser - Joan M. Kop

Chrysanthemum Girl - Frances Snyder

Ship Bottom Blues – Daniel J. Waters

Romance/ Women's Fiction:

Amy Dressler The Advisory Role
Allison McKenzie The Unexpected Hostage
Dana Mongillo Undone
Margie Speck Ogawa Sleeping on the Wet Spot
Mary Preus There Comes a Time
Joy Adare Hot Raider

Lori Urick A Knight's Duty

Melee McGuire The Assassin's Guide to Internet Dating





Short Story:

Leji Albano A Life Unlived
Bailey Day H.O.U.S.E.
Catherine HendricksVancouver Rules
Jane Hershberger –  Fog
Mike Nolan I Called You Last Night? Really?
Ed Putka Mrs. Lee Mee Hung
Birgit Lennertz Sarrimanolis Keramida
Sara Zeller Gone







Best Book: Memoir:

The Expedition: Two Parents Risk Life and Family in an Extraordinary Quest to the South Pole – Chris Fagan

Cooking for a Beautiful Woman: The Tastes and Tales of a Wonderful Life – Larry Levine

Malnourished: A Memoir of Sisterhood and Hunger – Cinthia Ritchie

Uncharted: A Couple's Epic Empty-Nest Adventure Sailing from One Life to Another –Kim Brown Seely

Four Days with Kenny Tedford: Life Through the Eyes of a Child Trapped in a Partially Blind and Deaf Man's Body – Paul Smith and Kenny Lee Tedford, Jr

Fly Fishing Tales: Memoirs from 50 Years of Fly Fishing – Jacob Eric Stathers


Anne Belen A Scandal in Sterling
Stacy Johns Positively Morbid
Tony Parker Lady Dick and the Super Secret
Joe Reiner Cut From the Will and Willing to Kill
William Shenk Hawkshaw
Jane Stewart Spirit Lake
Domenick Venezia Do No Harm
Lisa Wanttaja A Dream So Sweet and Bitter




Mary Boone Tickling the Clouds: The Real-Life Story of the First Woman Ever to Build and Fly Her Own Plane
Cheryl Cassaday Aliens Want Your Brain!
Emily Durant The Art of Staying Dry
Jessie Massey This is My Pig
Thomas Owen The Universe is a Very Pretty Color
Cindy Christian Rogers All Hands on Deck for Christmas!
Ash Samson Ned's Beard
Jana Vandelaar The Puppy Tooth Fairy: Seeing Spots


Sierra Branham Eyes of Scarlet
Charis Himeda CRISPR Evolution
Steven Kittinger Obsidian's Edge
Brittany Lounsbury The Baron's Demons
Kimberly McAllister A Traveler's Handbook
David Meek 21 Days in Fall
Janaina Sardoni An Impossible Choice
Eric Schumancher A Legacy of Wrath

Adult Short Topics:

Maria Barrs My Mother's Bridge
Sandra Bohman Third Grade GridIron
Dennis Dauble What Every Man Fears
Christine Gleason Guilty
Steve Jaquith All That Jazz
Geraldine Moreno Landings
Maria Timm Isolation
Eleanor DeVito Owen Hardest of Times


Young Adult:

Sonya Bramwell Valkyrie's Cry
Jessica Cox Unfit for Consumption
Samantha Eppes The Dragon War
Elizabeth Goode How to Defeat a Pirate
Cherie Langlois –  Hide and Seek
Kate MadridZip

Jennifer NielsenFish Food and Other Constellations

Pam Richards This, Right Here

Joni Sensel The Girl Who Jilted the Wind


Jeffrey Bailey & Randy Labarge Not on My Watch
Robin F. Gainey Imperfect Strangers
Bethany Maines & Juel Lugo Luckless Love
Emily Redinbo The Alice Solution
Regina Sadono The Serene Perception
Marsha Sultz Murder on the Fly
Judy Taylor Walking Over Wet Paint
Sandra Vea Masao


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