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2019 Contest Finalists

Congratulations to our 2019 Literary and Nancy Pearl contest finalists!
(Contest Finalists are in alphabetical order. The number of finalists in each category can vary a bit based on tie scores.)


Literary Contest Finalists   Nancy Pearl Finalists 


Rita Grace Atmajian How to Lose Your Name
Shawna Gamache Into the Water
Beatrice Garrard Demon Theory
Larkin Greer Jazz Garden
Libbie Hawker The Elect
Heidi Kenyon Between Us
Myra McIlvain Long Way Home
Sherry Rosenthal River Horse Gods
Randy Spada Temple Ridge

Middle Grade:

Michael Alman Arioto & the 13th Hour
Claire Bahamon The Wisest Gifts
Susan Barid-Joshi Lighter than Air
Laurel Hendrix Stu and the Bittersweet Taste of Vertigo
Martha Huston Quest of the Sky Canoe
Jeanette Mendall Kea Thief
Cindy Runger Clarissa Seng & the Council of Spirits
Hubert Tarrant Peevis Fenkle & the Curse of the Midnight Creeper
Carol Zink The Lion Guardian

Best Book: Literary or /Mainstream
A Thread So Fine Susan Welsh

Bloodshot Stories – Jeff P. Jones

Path of Progress –Flora Beach Burlingame


Mary Gregersen Beyond the Narrow Door
Patrice Hapke The Viking Girl
Kyle Lockhaven From Acorns
James McMaster Forward to Riva Ridge
Judy Taylor Hawthorn & the Willow
Michelle Van Berkom The Norse Queen

Jennifer Wong The Far Away


Andy Bull Beached Whales and Cigarettes
David Gardner Double Exposure
Faris Cassell The Letter
Mary Edwards No Thank You: Learning from an Unwanted Gift
Lora Hein Tortoise Moon
Stephanie Hopkinson Being Wacko: Making Peace with Bipolar II, ADHD and Anxiety

Bruce Luyendyk - Beneath the White Ocean of Ice

Meta Maxwell Used: A Journey through a Con Man's World
Alison Peacock Top Dead Center

Gretchen Staebler - Mother Lode: Finding Myself in my Mother's House - a Memoir of Caregiving

Best Book: Genre:

Revenge in 3 Parts - Valerie J. Brooks

The Songs We Hide-Connie Hampton Connally

Cafe Budapest –Peter Curtis

Daughter of Maat - Sandy Esene

The Hope of Azure Spring - Rachel Fordham

The River by Starlight –Ellen Notbohm

Romance/Women's Fiction:

Bonnie Hobbs The Fairest One
Bethany Maines The Second Shot
Sandra Morris Damaged in Transit
Kelly Nelson An Inconvenient Marriage
Priscilla Cook Chasing Home
Jennie Spohr Ghost of a Woman
Catherine Treadgold The Silent Woodsman

Melee Vander Velde The Reluctant Witch



Jennifer Heath A Mother's Grief for Mother; Genius Missed; Along, without Him
William Moore Winter Music, Minor Key, The Cost of Accounting
Janna Laster Lapis Lazuli, Working the Drift, December
Steve Jaquith Wide Open, Laughing Bed, Countdown
Susan Bard-Joshi Waiting for the Mammogram, Having the Mammogram, Receiving the Mamogram Results
Cole Peake Birthday Red, Rattle, Slaughter Day
JR Rogers Living Without
Lynne Schmidt Blood Pleas and Library Books, Leos

Best Book: Memoir:

A Year of Living Kindly: Choices That Will Change Your Life and the World Around You –Donna Cameron

My Soul is Filled with Joy: A Holocaust Story –Karen Treiger

The People We Wanted to Forget –Michael G Harpold

Persistence of Light: From a Japanese Prison Camp to an Elephant in the Alps to Silicon Valley –John Hoyte

Wherever You Are –Cynthia Lim 



Richard Cass Righteous Brother
Steve Dimeo The Ice Skater
Margaret Elphick The Darkest Evening
Ramona Gault Nosy Woman
Val Moses Doppel
Michael Munro Fever Heights
Kelly Owen Cold Wind
Sandy Wright Crescent Moon Crossing


Short Story:

Leji Albano Bearing Witness
Cahterine Brown Purrfect Revenge
Sharon Clawson Lesson in Futility
Terry Cubbins The Garden of Evans
Cherie Langlois The Wall
Michael Munro Tourist
Anne Pound The Loaf of Bread
Kate Swenson The Mind Believes


Barry Brennessel The Ascension Line 
Sherry Brummel Minotour's Shadow
Bonnie Jacoby Recycled Identities
Erik Seven Johnson Suburban Legends
William Moore Lethe
Sandra Piotrowski What Magic Lies in the Mountains
Denise Tiller The Trouble with Undead People
Alex Tremari Dragoncast
Analise Zocher Third Wish


Sandra Bohman Biscuits at the Big Table
Flora Burlingame No Nap for Tractor Man
Kathryn Harold Sensational Annie: How Annie Londonderry Became the First Woman to Bike Around the World
Connie Hellyer Hey Little Moose!
Maria Marshall Wonderland: Hiding Boeing during WWII
Ash Samson
The Parent Shop
Ryan Tipper The Littlest Viking

Stephanie Ward My Best Friend, Her Royal Highness


Young Adult:

Cecilia Aragon The Atlantis Avatar
Ariana  Cantu The Slow-Cooked Makings of a Sweet Life
Kelsey Fritts The World Below
Kara Pomeroy Sisters
Anita Price Jordan's River
Lora Senf The Losting Fountain
Giselle Stancic Ravel's Revenge
Jenny Scott Tynes Stand: Being the Mostly True and Wholly Unexpected Adventures of Two Mermaids in Seattle and the Klondike


Adult Short Topics:

Donna Cameron The Mother of All Fears
Jim Foley Fire
Steve Jaquith Pork Belly Past
Philip Kenney Freedom from Hurry and Worry: Undoing the Catch-22 of Our Time
Jonna  Laster Tracking the Story in a Winter Storm
Erin Olds Forgive Me Father
Eleanor Owen Awakenings

Jan Symonds Bandit: When It's Time To Move On


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