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Conference FAQ's

What can I learn at the PNWA Conference?

Our conference provides opportunities for you to meet other writers, attend classes focused on the different aspects within the industry (craft, business, marketing), and pitch your ideas to agents and editors if you're ready.

What is a pitch?
A pitch is a short 3-5 sentence explanation of your project that sells an agent or an editor on your story. Your pitch should be short and engaging,  and should explain why your project matters.

What if I am just a beginning writer, should I go to conference?
Our conference is for writers of all levels. Whether you are seeking inspiration or ready to pitch your perfect novel, you will find yourself surrounded by people who all love to write. There's something for everyone at conference.

What happens at the sessions?
Sessions are led by industry experts, and session topics include everything from craft to publishing to marketing. From keeping track of your expenses to crafting the perfect pitch, sessions give you a chance to interact with experts and ask questions in a friendly and open environment.

What is a Power Pitch?
A Power Pitch equals one 90-minute block. Within each 90-minute block, attendees will have the opportunity to pitch to multiple agents and editors. Each pitch is 4 minutes. Please, do not bring your manuscript to your pitch session. Should an agent or editor request to see your manuscript, s/he will request it by e-mail.

Additional Pitch Blocks available for purchase.

Do I need to stay at the hotel to go to conference?
No. A lot of attendees come into town in the morning for the conference, and others decide to stay at the hotel. Decide what works for you. If you do decide to stay at the DoubleTree you will be able to make a reservation for a discounted price.

Which meals are included with my registration?
You will be responsible for all your meals on Thursday. Lunches are available for purchase throughout conference. Continental breakfasts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dessert on Thursday. Dinner on Friday and Saturday.

I have a food allergy. Will you be able to accommodate my dietary restrictions? 
Yes, to some extent. We will have vegetarian and gluten free options.

What is your refund policy?

A $100.00 administrative fee will be withheld for cancellations before August 13th. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after August 13th. Memberships payments are not refundable. 

What should I wear at the conference?
We don't have a dress code, but suggest business casual. Being we're located in the Pacific Northwest, this has varied meanings. Think about what you'd wear to a job interview. This event is similar, in that you’re trying to sell your work to agents and publishers who are professional and expect you to take this process seriously. Dress like you respect them and the process. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet a lot.

Should I go to conference?
Yes. Yes you should.

Refund Policy: A $75.00 administrative fee will be withheld for cancellations before June 15th. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after June 15th. Memberships payments are not refundable. 
Refund Policy: A $75.00 administrative fee will be withheld for cancellations before June 15th. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after June 15th. Memberships payments are not refundable. 
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