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2020 PNWA virtual conference producers

More producers may be listed at a later date - check back often.


Producers– Listed in alphabetical order

Autumn Bailey -Autumn Bailey Entertainment

Autumn Bailey is a passionate, seasoned producer of film and television.  The Pennsylvania native has a knack and specialty for independent film production and distribution and in 2018, produced the award-winning documentary Maynard about the civil rights icon Maynard Jackson.  Several of her films have won numerous awards and acclaim, some include  Mine 9, and Trading Paint, starring John Travolta and Shania Twain.  Her serious commitment to high quality entertainment makes her one of today’s most sought-after indie producers.  She is the founder of Autumn Bailey Entertainment (ABE), one of the few women-owned production companies in the south east region.   She has a knack for finding amazing projects and taking them from script to screen or book to screen. It is a mission of ABE to help artists realize their creative dreams.  She has optioned several projects and currently has three shows in studio development. 

Recently, she has expanded her brand to include a west coast division and co-founded Prominent Productions with Cameron Burnett, son of Hollywood producer Mark Burnett.   Under the helm of ABE and Prominent, Mrs. Bailey- Ford has over 30 films under her belt and six projects being produced in 2020.   With Prominent’s goal to tell diverse stories that impact change, Mrs. Bailey- Ford saw it necessary to step into international waters and in 2019, she produced her first international film, shot entirely in Tanzania, Africa.  Her second international project will be shot in London fall of 2020.   Mrs. Bailey-Ford has a passion for giving back and connecting individuals from various cultures to achieve their goals in entertainment.  She turned her passion into a reality when she founded  Get connected, an Atlanta monthly industry mixer that, for a decade, was one Atlanta’s largest networking opportunities for entertainment newcomers and seasoned professionals.  In addition to this, Mrs. Bailey- Ford also founded the Georgia Entertainment Gala in 2013, attracting over 1800 people to the City of Atlanta annually to celebrate Georgia’s talent in film and television.  This gala, is supported by the city of Atlanta, community and corporate leaders and major national corporations.  Her commitment to community service has led Autumn to be a member of the Producer Guild of America, Women in Film LA and Atlanta, Black women in film and Reel divas.  She is currently a board member for the Atlanta film festival and a past board member of the New York Latino Film Festival.   Mrs. Bailey-Ford is the recipient of numerous awards, including The Malibu Film Festival Producer award, Atlanta’s Who’s Who, PVIFF Rising Star Producer Award and Upscale Magazine’s Top 25 Entertainment Industry People.  Through hard work, faith, dedication and doing good business, Mrs. Bailey-Ford is certain to continue breaking through barriers with indie-film communities across the United States and abroad. 

Autumn credits many of accomplishments to her mentor, industry mogul, Devon Franklin who taught her how to navigate business and positively deal with the ebb and flow of this ever-changing industry.  Her advice to young aspiring producers and professionals “Work hard, uplift others and show people that if they believe they can achieve anything they set their minds to.


Sci fi, faithbase, horror, thrillers, bio pic true stories




Stephen Emery - The Solution Ent. Group








Character driven elevated genre movies between the $10m - $30m range.
Action / Thrillers / Sci-fi / Action comedy / Family / etc.




JD DeWitt - 5x5 Productions

JD has a passion for working with authors and screenwriters and in 2015, began to connect writers directly with Hollywood.

As a literary manager, JD develops and packages material for film and television and is currently in co-production of four projects, two each for television and film. She is seeking a story that lends itself to episodic programming.




FILM: Thriller, Rom-Com, Optimistic YA, Grounded (contained) Sci-Fi, Faith-Based, High-Concept Horror (think The Quiet Place).


TV: Small Town Family/Romance (think Sweet Magnolias), Optimistic YA, Action/Thriller


Not Seeking:


Children's, Supernatural Horror, Fantasy




Robin McLain - 5x5 Productions

Prior to co-founding 5x5 Productions, Robin worked in management and operations for more than 20 years, the last 10 of which were as Director of Operations & Finance for 5x5 Media Inc, a production company focused on reality TV.  Over the years, Robin has cultivated key relationships in the media business, including with studios, producers and agents in Hollywood and in the growing media market in the Pacific Northwest.

In partnership with JD DeWitt, Robin helps 5x5 Productions identify and team up with extraordinary authors to bring their amazing stories to viewing to life, in both television and film.


FILM: Thriller, Rom-Com, Optimistic YA, Grounded (contained) Sci-Fi, Faith-Based, High-Concept Horror (think The Quiet Place).


TV: Small Town Family/Romance (think Sweet Magnolias), Optimistic YA, Action/Thriller


Not Seeking:


Children's, Supernatural Horror, Fantasy


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