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2011 Conference Sessions - Marketing & Publishing



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The Road to Publication – Regional Authors Share Their Stories
In these days of publishing house consolidations and down-sizing, combined with intense competition, getting your first book in print is more challenging than ever. Four Northwest Washington authors, Iris Graville, Steve Horn, Joan D. Stamm, and Kathryn Thurman, will share accounts of their varied roads to publication. Each panelist will present a brief overview of the publishing experience, pluses and drawbacks of the approach used, and marketing/promotion efforts that were helpful.

Buzzing Your Book: The Muse’s View of What Makes Books Sell
Liz Berry has not only observed the book publicity and marketing world first hand working with her husband, but has also served as Executive Director of the insanely successful Thrillerfest convention held each year in New York. She spends most of the year planning publicity for the authors and working with publishers first-hand. As a result, she is uniquely qualified to explain what works and what doesn’t.

E-pub, POD, and the Future of Publishing for the Writer
Publishing is changing exponentially, not linearly, and today’s writer must be aware of these changes in order to succeed. This workshop, taught by best-selling author, Bob Mayer, is designed to help authors navigate through the latest information on various forms of publishing options - traditional, ePub, print on demand, self-pub, vanity, and more. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of these venues and decide what’s the best choice for you and your work. This is not a nuts and bolts tech class, but a strategic concept of the future of publishing and what it means to writers. We will discuss numbers, royalties, formats, and lessons learned in all areas. Kindle, Smashwords, iBookstore, Lightning Source, the connection between these formats in relation to marketing and promotion, and how to utilize the tools to achieve desired results.

Get On Board The Starship of Publishing
The rapidly changing look of publishing in today’s new technology age will require authors to learn a whole new set of skills. With the advent of the electronic book reader, such as the Kindle and the Nook, authors will not only need to understand these new formats but also learn a new language set, become more creative in their approach to writing (and reading) as well as learn some computer-eze. Susan Wingate will help participants learn key elements to publishing in the new climate of the e-world.

How To Set Up An Author Blog Tour
The way books are promoted has changed—it used to be that writers could only hope their book caught the attention of publicity’s gatekeepers, but now it is possible to create a groundswell from the bottom up. Authors can extend the shelf life of their books and work at niche-marketing in ways a publicist might not consider. Come and see a blog tour demonstrated, by Kathryn Trueblood, learn what a web release needs to look like; consider some interactive strategies that appeal to bloggers and find the right constellation for your book.

Start Building Your Author Platform in Today’s EWorld
Take steps in your writing career, methods to build a platform that can launch you into publication. Susan Wingate will move from the development of pitches to social networking such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace in order for you to get noticed in Today’s e-Climate.

Self-Promotion for The Introvert
While the solitary life of a writer may produce great works, finding an agent and selling books usually requires the traits of an extrovert: assertiveness, strong public speaking skills, and personal and professional networking. Kim Kircher and Lorraine Wilde will provide sound advice, resources, and hands-on exercises you can use to increase your confidence for your next pitch or book signing. You will learn to look and feel like a published author, overcome your fears of pitching and public speaking, and build your networking skills to promote your writing.

The New Emerging Indie Publisher and What it Means for the Author
Goodbye to traditional publishing models, hello to self-publishing, self-assisted publishing, ebooks, and beyond. What is an “author advocate,” and how is she different from a literary agent? Are the big publishers taking new writers? Will I kill my chances of ever being published by an indie publisher or if I self-publish first? How is the book market changing? Is paper really dead? Is there something beyond “book”? Indie Publishers Katherine Sears and Nathan Everett, best selling author Bob Mayer, and agent April Eberheart will discuss these questions.

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