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2009 Conference Sessions - Thursday July 30th



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2009 Conference Sessions

July 30 - August 2, 2009
Registration opens: 1:00 p.m.
Airport Hilton & Convention Center
(Conference sessions, dates & times are subject to change)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

1:00 p.m.

Registration Desk Opens


2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Topic: TBA



General Interest Track: Organizing A Writing Group.

Writing can be a solitary profession, but you don’t have to suffer in isolation.  Whether you just need encouragement or some real detailed critiquing from other committed writers, a writers group can provide the support-net you need to succeed.  This class will cover the basics of creating and organizing a writing group.  Participants will learn different critique styles and how to create a safe environment for sharing the highs and lows of writing.  All types of writers are encouraged to attend.  This class is a great meeting place to start networking for a group!

Speaker:  Leslie J. Adkins


Nonfiction Track: Building a Platform from Nothing. 

Everyone tells aspiring authors that they need a “platform.”  But if you don’t have one, how do you get one?  In this workshop, Burns will describe how she built an author platform from scratch, eventually earning herself an agent and book contract with a nice-sized publisher.  Workshop will cover the all-important author website, blogs, social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), ezines, HARO,podcasts, Internet radio, magazine articles, database-building through networking, public speaking, and the creating and marketing of book-related products.

Speaker:  Karen Burns, author of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl.  

3:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Afternoon Break

Location: Emerald Foyer & Writers Café


4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

General Interest Track: Pitching to Agents and Editors Without Being Pushy.

“So, what’s your book about?” It’s the simplest question, but so tough to answer, especially without feeling boring, cliché, longwinded, or confusing. Pitching is the art of talking clearly and confidently about your book—whether it is fiction or nonfiction—so that you’re better able to sell it. This hands-on workshop will cover the elevator pitch, the extended pitch, pitching etiquette, and useful tips specific to the PNWA Conference. Attendees will write, deliver, and get feedback on their pitches in class. If you’re planning on pitching at the conference, this is the workshop for you. Presenter:

Speaker:  Janna Cawrse Esarey


General Interest Track: Where Has The Time Gone?  Time Management for the Hurried, the Harried, and the Hopeless!

One of the greatest challenges of being a writer is finding the time to actually sit down and put the words to paper.  Time management can be essential to the craft of writing.  After all, that novel will never be penned or that children’s story illustrated, if a busy life prevents you from doing so. Attendees will learn to recognize time that is truly free and find ways to carve out more time from a harried schedule.  They will learn to find inspiration during the times when they don’t seem to be free and how to capitalize on the thoughts and revelations that occur during those times.  Finally, they will learn how to maximize the time spent writing and edition so they can be most productive.   

Speaker:  Kimberly Ann Freel


Children’s Track: Children’s Panel

Panel: TBA



Keynote Speaker: Terry Brooks

Dessert Reception with Agents and Editors,

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