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2008 Contest Winners
Congratulations to the 2008 Literary Contest Winners!


First Place
        Jeanne McDonald
                         Little Incarnations

Second Place   Reta Shoultz
                         Garrick's Landing

Third Place       Sean Amico
                         Nom de Guerre


First Place
       Brenda Wilbee
                         Temper the Wind

Second Place   Eryn Huntington
                         The Last Resort

Third Place       Dana Mentink


First Place
       SG Shellabarger
                         A Very Patient Man

Second Place   Leah Maupin
                         Beauty from Ashes... The Courtings of Lydia Smith

Third Place      Marni Donnelly-Folsom


First Place
       Bradley Andrews
                         Last Known Position

Second Place   Steven Moores
                         Frozen Stiff

Third Place      Catherine Hendricks
                        Pink Mist

Science Fiction/Fantasy

First Place
       Veronica Rossi
                         Willem Hawk, Knight of the Old Code 

Second Place   Susan Wilbanks
                         Invasion 1805

Third Place       Jeanne Ryan
                         Lucifer's Porsche

Young Adult Novel

First Place
       Karen Morison-Knox
                         Spell Check

Second Place   Lucinda Wingard
                         All the Way to Timbuktu

Third Place       Cindi Myers
                         Summer of the Night People

Nonfiction Book/Memoir

First Place
       Zoe Fitzgerald Carter
                        Imperfect Endings

Second Place   Joshua Leavitt
                         Utopia Has Been Postponed

Third Place      Andy Bull
                        Lessons I Thought My Father Could Never Teach Me 



First Place
       Kent Jameson
                         Raven Feather

Second Place   Carole Bellacera
                         Border Crossings

Third Place       Robert Dugoni
                         The Cyanide Canary


First Place
       Nancy Owens Barnes
                         Two White Horses, Urban Sprawl,
                         Early Morning in the Meadow

Second Place   Drew Myron
                         Times Lines, The Garden is Forgotten,
                         Finding Home

Third Place       Auburn McCanta
                         Three Poppies: Co-Habitation, Green,
                         Another Valentine

Adult Short Story

First Place
       Sue Pace
                         Obituary For An Asshole

Second Place   F.M. McAllister
                         Lingo Lessons

Third Place       Peggy Sarjeant
                         Looking for Oxygen
   Children's Short Story, Picture/Chapter Book 

First Place
       Peter Gibb
                         Big Tom, Little Dog

Second Place   Andrea Ptak
                         Morgan's Alpine Adventure

Third Place       Mary Knight
                         A Horse of Many Colors

Adult Short Topics

First Place
       Kit Herring

Second Place   Margaret Montet
                         Baywalk Rondo

Third Place       Susan Little
                         Light at the Water's Edge: In Search of Mary Magdalene

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