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2008 Contest Finalists



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Congratulations to our 2008 Literary Contest Finalists!

Thank you for your participation! The following is a listing of the finalists in each category. They are listed in random order.
Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner on Saturday, July 19, 2008 during our annual summer conference.

Mainstream Novel:

Mary Kalbert
Doug Zimmer
Gary Heyde
Anne Lovett
Jeanne McDonald
Sean Amico
Reta Shoultz
Paulette Fire


Inspirational Novel:

Ann O'Barr
Stefanie Noonan
Fred Worfe
Dana Mentink
Sonja Anderson
Kate Lloyd
Brenda Wilbee
Eryn Huntington

Romance Genre Novel:

Kathleen Cherry
Kristina McMorris
SG Shellabarger
Lisa Marie Wilkinson
Marni Donnelly-Folsom
Kelli Estes
Ciara Stewart
Leah Maupin

Mystery/Thriller/Horror Genre Novel:    

Catherine Hendricks
Laurin Keto
Michael Dennett
Barry Brennessel
Liz Main
Bradley Andrews
Kerri Hakoda & Becky Warden
Steven Moores

Science Fiction/Fantasy Genre Novel:      

Fernando Manso
Susan Wilbanks
Kathy Hurley
Lee Ayers
Veronica Rossi
Kat Falls
Krista Wallace
Jeanne Ryan


Young Adult Novel:

Lucinda Wingard
Suzanne Kalb
Judith Coopey
Karen Morison-Knox
Kimberly Dana
Colette Ballard
Cindi Myers
Tom Wright


Nonfiction Book/Memoir:

Thomas Sullivan
Diana Raab
Betsy Schneier
Chris Banta
Joshua Leavitt
Zoe Fitzgerald Carter
Neil Peterson
Andy Bull

Screen Writing:

Robert Dugoni
Leigh Hunt
Geri Gale
Barry Brennessell
George Poletes
Vaughn Entwistle
Kent Jameson
Carole Bellacera


Tim Suermondt
Tina Schumann
Leigh Hunt
Drew Myron
Shirley Thomas
Auburn McCanta
Nancy Owens Barnes
Susan Landgraf

Adult Short Story:

Carrie Goddard
Rosemary Mayo
Michael Corey
FM McAllister
John Pappenheimer
Sue Pace
Peggy Sarjeant
Nathaniel Puckett

Children’s Chapter/Picture Book or Short Story:

Gail Chehab
Jean Cozby
Brenda Olson
Peter Gibb
Mary Knight
JT Combs
Andrea Ptak
Norma Dixon

Adult Short Topics: Article/Essay/Short Memoir:

Donelle Knudsen
Kit Herring
Dick Vojvoda
Margaret Montet
Patricia Greer
Julia Abelev
Susan Little
Brian Brunkow







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