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Literary Contest 2006 Winners



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Congratulations to our 2006 Literary Contest Winners! 

If you are a winner, and were not at the ceremony on Friday, we will mail your certificate and prize monies to you.  Thank you for your participation.











Romance Category

ZOLA AWARD- Judith Dailey- Amazon Rose

SECOND PLACE-Bethany Cunningham- Passing Notes

THIRD PLACE- Monique Martin- Out of Time



ZOLA AWARD-Don Roff- Outbound

SECOND PLACE-Kyle Sullivan- Bugzters

THIRD PLACE-Carolyn Sarver- Jump Over the Moon



ZOLA AWARD-J. Lorraine Brown- Wedding in Heatherton Church Nova Scotia, Ash Wednesday, As If

SECOND PLACE- Nancy Talley- Follow the Lame and Dreamy Goat, Answering Cristo, Short-Sheeting the Dalai Lama

THIRD PLACE- Julie Gerrard- The Year of the Golden Dragon, Submarine, Torockoszentgyorgy


Adult Genre Novel

ZOLA AWARD-Mary Palmer- L of a Way to Go

SECOND PLACE-John Foster- Morning In Havana

THIRD PLACE- Tracey Shearer- Blood Destiny


Mainstream Novel

ZOLA AWARD-Liesl Wilke- Unfurling Lily

SECOND PLACE-Mark Mandell- True Crime

THIRD PLACE-Marschel Paul- The Spirit Room 


Adult Short Story

ZOLA AWARD-Christine Danforth- Rattlesnake Hearts

SECOND PLACE-Kathy Neary- Living Apart

THIRD PLACE-Liesl Wilke- Ordinary Commerce


 Juvenile/YA Novel
 ZOLA AWARD-Christina Struyk-Bonn- My Life as a Teenage Bug
 SECOND PLACE-Kathleen Snow- The Wolf Princess
 THIRD PLACE-Ron Pellegrino- The Centerfielder


Juvenile Short/Picture

ZOLA AWARD-Susan Haas- Scaredy Cat, Scardey Me

SECOND PLACE-Stephanie Perkal- The Cherry on Top

THIRD PLACE-Susan Landgraf- Fish Wearing a Hat


Non-Fiction Book/Memoir

ZOLA AWARD-Greg Buford- An American Househusband's Guide to Living in India

SECOND PLACE-Beren deMotier- The Brides of March: Memoir of a Same-Sex Marriage

THIRD PLACE-Sonya Elliott- Lasting Impact


Adult Article/Essay/Short Memoir

ZOLA AWARD-Jennifer Gerstenberger- Dairy Queen for a Day

SECOND PLACE-Amy Souers Kober- Hungry Rivers

THIRD PLACE-Wyndham Bearden- Savoring Peace


Young Writers

ZOLA AWARD-Sarah Baker- The Day My Father Turned Moroccan

SECOND PLACE- Natalie Hoyt- The Red Witch

THIRD PLACE- Heather McKesson- Violet Magic

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