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what people are saying about our conference

what people are saying about our conference

2014 Conference Success Story

Member and 2014 conference attendee Lee Ann Ward, contacted us with her very exciting news: 

"I just wanted to write and thank you for the amazing conference in July! I can honestly say, I attend at least two conferences a year, and never have I been afforded the opportunity to pitch to so many agents. And, as a result, I recently signed with agent Katie Reed of Andrea Hurst Literary Management for my young adult manuscripts titled See and Glimpses of Wilderness.

Thank you so much for having this amazing event. I am so proud to be a new member of PNWA. You helped make my dream come true!"

LYNN PRICE (Conference Editor): "PNWA manages to have the most savvy, well-prepared, talented writers of all the conferences I attend."

RITA ROSENKRANZ (Conference Agent) describes the PNWA Conference as "well organized, allowing authors and agents to connect in the best way possible. The conference is set up to appeal to authors at every stage in their writing career."

MICHELLE GRAJKOWSKI (2008 Conference Agent): "The PNWA conference is a class act. Truly one of the best in the country! I attend many conferences throughout the year, and always look forward to attending the PNWA. The faculty is top-notch, and the attendees are wonderful. I’ve heard many great pitches, and am looking forward to finding more wonderful talent in the Pacific Northwest.”

"I'm a member, and am again coming up to Seattle for the PNWA Conference. I wish I could put in my two cents on why a new writer, or any writer for that matter, should attend a writers conference, ours especially.

I sold my first novel at a writers conference. It wasn't even finished yet, but the senior editor of a well-known publishing company heard my pitch, gave me her business card, and asked me to send her the manuscript when I'd completed it.

I did so, and they bought and published my novel. It went into translation three times when sold to publishers in Germany, Sweden, and Britain (yes, they did do a 'translation'). I was interviewed on a nationally televised talk show, and the book went into a second printing. Around that time, an agent contacted me and offered her services. I didn't know anything about agents, but after she explained how she could advance my writing career, I hired her. Subsequent to that, I sold four more novels to another nationally known publishing house.

Am I glad I went to that writers conference?

Now that I teach construction of the novel on the collegiate level, I always point out that while these conferences are expensive, they are dirt cheap when you consider what you get. Think about it. You could fly to New York City, get a room in a decent hotel, and knock on the doors of these agents and editors. Your chances of getting past the receptionist is not worth betting on, but even if you did, your chances of getting ten minutes of that agent's or editor's undivided attention are not much better.

Besides all that, at the PNWA Conference, we get to take classes, and we get opportunities to talk to teachers and to one another, commiserate, make friends, and become part of the writing community of the Pacific Northwest. PNWA is considered to be the best conference in this part of the USA. This statement came to me from more than one senior agent. They come here on their own dime, looking for us, writers who have stories to tell and who know how to tell them well."

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