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2017 Master Classes
Write a novel – from first inspiration to final edit – then submission! with C. C. Humphreys

Have you got a book in you? Have you always wanted to get it out into the world but lacked the confidence? Then join award-winning, bestselling author and Salt Spring resident Chris (C. C.) Humphreys, for a one day writing workshop that will help you banish the critic, release your creativity, and introduce you to the secrets of novel construction, character development and sheer storytelling fun. With plenty of exercises to get the fingers and brain moving, and a step by step analysis of what makes a successful, exciting piece of fiction, participants will leave the workshop with the beginnings of a novel and a road map to help you finish it. Or if you have a piece that has sat in a drawer for years, Chris will show you how to regain your faith in it, and take it to the next level – maybe even all the way to publication. Subjects will include: the separate stages of writing - from first idea to final edit; how to create great characters; plotting; editing; dialogue; the synopsis, the pitch.Come for a day of fun and hard work: it’s time the world heard your story!

Thursday Master Class: Twelve-Stage Writer’s Model of Structure With Christopher Vogler


Struggle with plotting? Mythic structure can help.

Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer's Journey, an essential resource for screenwriters, novelists, and artists of all kinds who want to harness the power of myth and its impact on story structure. In this class, Christoper explores how myths offer a valuable guideline for writers on plot structure and as a source of creative inspiration. In this engaging, insightful presentation, Vogler will be covering his core material, the twelve-stage Writer's Journey model of structure with fresh insights from his recent work in animation and feature films. 
Swept Away: Writing Enthralling Fiction with Donald Maass

“Swept Away: Writing Enthralling Fiction” – Swept away is a feeling we get not just from fairy tales.  Novels in all categories can suspend time and enthrall us.  What produces that effect?  Learn the techniques that make fiction totally absorbing, even enchanting.  A hands-on writing workshop from master craft teacher and New York literary agent Donald Maass.


World Building: Create Compelling Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds

This master workshop covers techniques authors use to build believable worlds. We’ll look at openings that draw readers into your world, explore story sources, discuss ideas and approaches, and spark your imagination with dynamic writing games. Part one covers terrain, weather, ecosystems, and life forms. Part two will zero in on the process of building interesting societies with unique social, political, religious, and economic systems. World Building is a demanding process, but doable when you set the foundation and create from the story’s dramatic structure. Ask the right questions, research, make connections, and all the elements from natural setting to social structures combine to create the inevitable conflicts and tensions each novel demands. Bring writing materials.


Amazon for the 21st Century Author with Terry Person

Amazon sells over 75 percent of all ebooks sold today. But that’s not all they do. Since the beginning, they have created and added writer-centric opportunities to make it easy for writers to learn their craft, practice their craft, and participate with other writers, while making royalties on some platforms. They have over a dozen programs that can help writers produce and sell their works. Terry Persun will cover everything from Write On and Day One, to Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace, and from Kindle Worlds and Kindle Scout to Amazon Publishing imprints.


Fearless Writing

Learning the craft is only the beginning of a writer’s journey. Most of the obstacles both beginning and experienced authors face have less to do with finding a compelling opening or creating believable characters and more to do the many emotional challenges inherent in sharing our work with other people. Drawing upon 25 years as a writer, as well as his conversations with hundreds of bestselling and award-winning writers, PNWA Author Magazine Editor-in-Chief William Kenower shines a light on some of the dark questions about talent, intelligence, time, and money that haunt many writers.



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