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2012 Literary Contest Finalists



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Congratulations to our 2012 Literary Contest Finalists!

1st and 2nd place winners in each category will be announced at our summer conference (July 19-22, 2012).  Thank you very much to everyone who entered this year!
(Finalists are listed in alphabetical order.  The number of finalists in each category can vary a bit based on tie scores.)


  Kelli Estes
  George Evans
  Dale Horne
  Steve Jaquith
  Laurel Krill
  Janice Macdonald
  Isaac McPhee
  Noëlle Sickels
  Colleen M. Story
  Nellie Williamson
 Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror:

  Laura Espinosa & Sarah Casberg
  Maura E. Glynn-Thami
  Kenneth W. Harmon
  Joyce E. Holt
  Miriam Larkin
  Thomas Moore
  Tamara K. Sellman
  Lisa Wanttaja


  A. Charles Baker
  Carol Despeaux
  George Evans
  Lisa Motherwell
  Geffen Myers
  Rex T. Olsen
  Alex Robkin
  Betty Shafer


  Bradley H. Bagshaw
  Joyce Bamberger
  Elizabeth Bourne
  Barry Brennessel
  Jake How
  Richard Robbins
  Noelle Salazar
  Jennie L. Spohr
 Young Adult/Middle Grade:

  Paul Greci
  Tiffany Doerr Guerzon
  Carmela Martino
  Jamie Pacton
  Clifford Piel
  Benjamin Starnes
  Rick Swann
  Stefanie Tatalias
 Short Story:

  Kate Gilbert 
  Sharon Goldberg
  C. Morgan Hunt
  Len Kuntz
  Wendy Marcus
  Robert Nein
  Rex T. Olsen
  Brian Schneider
  G.G. Silverman          

  Jocelyn Adams
  Naomi Baltuck
  Sheryl Harris
  Ronlyn Howe
  Laura Navarre
  Diane Owens
  Tamsen Schultz
  Jill Urbach
  Angeline D. Willis

  Carol Despeaux
  Mary Edwards
  Ian C. Firth
  Linda Gromko, MD
  Tom Harvey
  Therese A. Huston
  Susan Monas
  Jeremiah O'Hagan


  Lois Brandt
  Barbara K. Long
  Yvonne McCord, Barbara Liggett, &  Nancy Rae Patten
  Mary W. Olson
  Karen Robbins
  Cindy Christian Rogers
  Paul Shlichta
  Alan Shue


  Carol Aronson
  Christine Caldwell
  Maia Chance
  Judith C. Dailey
  Steve Eck
  Craig F. Eisenbeis
  Mark Reutlinger
  Joseph J. Stowitschek          
  Daniel J. Waters

  Michael Arnow
  Steven Bourne
  Christopher King & Gabriel Beristain
  Randy R. LaBarge
  Doug Miller & Steven Joachim
  Lindsey Alexis Paquette
  Ryan Tudhope
  Sandie Vea

 Adult Short Topics:

  Sarah L. Blum
  Erika Giles
  Barbara Moe
  Brian Overland
  Phyllis Quatman
  Star Roberts
  Georgann Turner

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