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2007 Contest Winners



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Congratulations to the 2007 Literary Contest Winners!


First Place        Thomas Juvik
                        Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Second Place    Margaret Shafer
                        Mangus and Sophie

Third Place        Michael Corey
Adult Genre Novel

First Place        Diane Owens
                        Thin Places

Second Place    Teresa Janssen
                        Jornada: A Southwestern Girlhood

Third Place        Lisa Marie Wilkinson
                        Fire at Midnight

First Place        Bonnie Bean Graham
                        Black Orchid

Second Place    Nancy Arnold
                        Pesto Pachin' Mama

Third Place        Kari Diehl
                        Craig Mountain Legacy


First Place        Steve Houchin
                        Double Fire

Second Place    Shirley Baker
                        Left Hanging

Third Place        Val Bruech
                        Judicious Murder
Science Fiction/Fantasy

First Place        Jean Miller
                        Do Reptiles Have Eyelashes

Second Place    Colleen Story
                        Rise of the Sidenah

Third Place        Barbara Lee
                        Raven's War

Children's Ch. Book/YA Novel

First Place        Christina Struyk-Bonn
                        Of Hell and Wings

Second Place    Elizabeth Rusch
                        April Fool

Third Place        Sharon Lee Beatty
                        Morning Song
Nonfiction Book/Memoir

First Place        Amy Fisher
                        Living the Wildlife

Second Place    Christine Gleason
                        Sad Eyes

Third Place        John Wiesen
                        Sex and the Single Disabled Dude


First Place        Steve Schoen/James Loos
                        Heart of the Rain

Second Place    Janet Ross-Pilla
                        Eye of a Secret

Third Place        Carolyn Sarver
                        Whale Song


First Place        Sharon Cumberland
                        Art Collector, The Man Who
                        Wants You, Tacoma Screw

Second Place    Bonita Stahlberg
                        Foriegn Aid for the River Village,
                        Something Green, Something Wishfull

Third Place        Jennifer Lalime
                        Winter Trunk, Small Spaces, Old Dog
Adult Short Story

First Place        Katherine Ellis
                        Who in this Room

Second Place    Wendy Marcus

Third Place        Liz Voss
                        Hawkin Rhone

Children's Short Story/Picture Book

First Place        Susan Fisher
                        Old Yellow Boat

Second Place    John Kackley

Third Place        Allyson Schrier
                        Chuckle Cluck
Adult Short Topics

First Place        Sue Pace
                        Master of the Remote

Second Place    Tamara Moan
                        Holding the Pose

Third Place        Sonya Elliott
                        Writing to Save My Life

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