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Out of concern for our staff, volunteers and members, we have closed the Cottage until further notice. 

We are working remotely, and will be available to answer your questions via email Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm pacific time:

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In these uncertain times, PNWA is exploring ways to bring you a safer and productive conference experience, including online classes, master classes, extended time online pitch sessions, online consultations with industry experts. Stay tuned as we explore these and other new ways of enchancing your conference in September.


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Book to Movie - The Easy Adaptation Part 2



Presented by Kim Hornsby

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Join Screenwriter and Author, Kim Hornsby for a followup Zoom workshop to writing a screenplay. In the class, you'll learn how to properly get the script ready for pro eyes, how to promote your script, how to get representation and hear all about entering contests-- a springboard to turning pro. Kim is a wealth of information on what to do after the screenplay is written with suggestions on branding, networking, and instruction on the log line, the script treatment and how to compose a One Page. Learn the do's and don't's of promoting and supporting your script in this Live Zoom Class. Ask Kim your questions, pick her brain on how to insure your screenplay gets the recognition it deserves.


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Book to Movie - The Easy Adaptation Part 2 (July 2020)

9/24/2020 » 9/27/2020
2020 PNWA Conference

How To Adapt A Novel Into A Pilot And Episodic Season

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