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2010 Contest Finalists



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2010 Literary Contest Finalists

(Finalists are listed in random order – because of the possibility of a tie score, the exact number of finalists may vary.)

MAINSTREAM:                         SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY:            POETRY:
Barry Brennessel                       Jonathan Lyster                                  Anastasia Smith
Holly S. Warah                           Len Robertson                                   Cynthia Monroe
Karen K. Brees                           Norma Nill                                         Carol Staudacher
Jim McMaster                             Charis Himeda                                   Louise Christensen Zak
Erica Obey                                 Sandra Wright                                    Lisa North
Robert L. Brown                         Lise Breakey                                       Raymond Bolton
Johanna H. Mader                    
James E. Lalonde                                 Jim Tindall
Marlene Zefferys                       
W. T. Moore                                         Rex T. Olson
William Riley

YOUNG ADULT:                                SHORT STORY:
Shirley Perez West                   
Amanda Hosch                                  Kurt Stephan
Kendra Hall                               
Stefanie Tatalias                                Rex T. Olson
Carol Sanders                           
Linda Johns                                       Steve Jaquith
Beth Camp                                
Barbara Lopuszynski                         William T. Hayes Jr.
Rowena Williamson                  
Maggie Adams                                    Judith Cobb Dailey
Debra Carlson                           
Tracy Bilen                                         Lindsay Schopfer
Jim Satterfield                           
Mary Bryan Stafford                            Catherine Hendricks
Marc Graham                            
Katie McGarry                                    Raymond Hutson
                                                   Victoria Rotton                                               
NONFICTION/MEMOIR:                     CHILDREN'S:
Arlene Springer                        
Heather Siegel                                   Thomas Owen
Donna Cummings                    
Cassandra Stout                                 Denise L. Ungerman
Shannon Winslow                    
Anne Herman                                     Tiffany Doerr Guerzon
Bonnie Hobbs                           
Mary Koch                                        Richard T. Parr
Monica Britt                              
Kim Kircher                                       Lisa Goldstein
Katherine Clare Owen              
Everett Maroon                                    Jessica Miller
Val Moses                                
Christine Myers                                 Roxanne Henley
Kathleen Cherry                       
Esther K. Willison                               Christina Dudley
                                                                                                         Betsy Hanson
                                                                                                         Randy R. Labarge
Kathleen Ferguson                    W. Colin McKay                              ADULT SHORT TOPICS:
Kendel Flaum                            Deborah O'Neill Cordes                   
Donelle Knudsen
Kerri Hakoda/Becky Warden       Bradley G. Andrews                        Kate Gilbert
Pilar Rivett                                 Christopher King                             Pamela Stanek
Thomas White                           Peter Holman-Smith                        Louise Christensen Zak
Nathan Everett                          Sammye Pokryfki                            Randy R. Labarge
Roberta Franke                         Jason Cortlund                                 Victoria Hubbell
Henry E. Hack                                                                                Josephine Ensign
                                                                                                     Tracy Rohwer

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